Union Station – A Hidden Gem

It will be years before dirt turns over Wall Avenue surrounding Ogden’s iconic Union Station, but the process began Thursday night. The redevelopment team held a community conversation with one simple premise: start finding out what the public wants and doesn’t want to be done to the building and the surrounding lands. Learn more by clicking here.


A hidden gem of downtown Ogden, Union Station is home to a number of small museums that highlight the history of the western expansion of the Union Pacific Railroad info Utah. While the main attraction is the train museum, the other museums are fun as well and my kids (ages 9, 7, 5, and 1) really enjoy the experience.

In the late 19th century Ogden was a bustling city that was growing economically and culturally. One of its boosters claimed that “when a stranger comes to Ogden, he will find it the greatest railway center in the West and the point toward which all Central transcontinental lines are pointing.”

The current Union Station is a popular attraction that contains several different museums, including the Utah State Railroad Museum, Spencer S. Eccles Rail Center, the John M. Browning Firearms Museum, and the Utah Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. Additionally, the Grand Lobby houses two 50’ by 12’ murals by artist Edward Laning.


The Union Station is home to several museums. The Utah State Railroad Museum, the John M. Browning Firearms Museum, the Browning-Kimball Classic Car Museum, and the Myra Powell Art Gallery are located inside the historic building. One ticket gives you access to all four family-friendly museums for a low price.

Museums are popular amongst locals and tourists alike. They offer a great way to explore the history of Ogden and Utah.

One of the most notable pieces in the museum is two 50′ by 12′ murals that were painted on Belgian linen canvas by famed muralist Edward Laning. The paintings depict the arrival of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroad companies in Ogden.

There has been a lot of talk about moving the museums out of Union Station into an adjacent building. While this may be a good idea for the museums, it will be sad to see them leave their beloved home. Here is another spot to visit.


After the completion of the first transcontinental railroad in 1869, it became common knowledge that “you can’t get anywhere without stopping at Ogden.” The Ogden Union Station is a historic district that now houses several restaurants and bars.

Located on historic 25th Street downtown, Slackwater is a gastro-pub with hearty food and local beers. The restaurant also has a wood-fired oven. They are best known for their chef-tasting menus featuring local food from the Wasatch Mountains to the Pacific Northwest.

Lucky Slice Pizza started in a small corner spot on 25th Street and gained a loyal following. The popularity caused them to move into a larger location across from their original spot. The pizza slices are a must-try when visiting Ogden.

Ghost Stories

A woman dressed in a blue dress runs through the station yard. Depending upon who tells the story, it is a tale of love lost or one of horror. No matter which way it is told, the woman always steps in front of a train and is killed.

Today, the Ogden Union Station is home to several museums including the Utah State Railroad Museum, Spencer S. Eccles Rail Center, Browning-Kimball Classic Car Museum, Utah Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, and the John M. Browning Firearms Museum as well as an art gallery. It is also a stop on the UTA FrontRunner commuter rail line. The Utah Ghost Hunters Society (UGHS) has recorded EVP in the building. They have also witnessed strange mists that float down the stairs and across the great hall. They say that these are the ghosts of the people who worked or died in the building. These ghosts may be trying to make a point or change the way that they were killed. Next blog post.


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