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Fruit Loops Mountain Bike Park is a well-engineered and fun trail system that’s located in the foothills between Fruit Heights homes and the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. The trails offer a range of trail options from Beginner to High-Expert.

This park features 2 play structures, swings and a playground with a castle motif that’s built of Trex. It also has covered picnic tables, a walking trail by the trees and restrooms. Learn more!


The Fruit Loops Mountain Bike Park is a one-way directional trail system that offers fun and challenging riding for all experience levels. The light blue trails are a great option for beginners while the red ones are a good choice for intermediate riders.

Bob’s Basin is another great place to start learning the ropes of bike riding. This network of bermed and banked trails is perfect for beginners to learn the basics of climbing, jumping, and negotiating rock gardens.

Bob’s Basin also has a few more advanced trails, such as Bobsled, which is a technical downhill ride that is fun for experts and novices alike. The downhill starts off with a sporty surf down loose rocks, then transitions into a couple of miles of incredibly banked and bermed turns.


Fruit Loops is a new trail system that has garnered a lot of attention and affection from locals and visitors alike. The trails themselves are well-designed, easy to ride and offer a bit of everything from flowy single track to tight technical twists and turns.

The one-way directional trail system consists of a 2.8 mile outer loop that connects with the lower Bonneville Shoreline trail for a total of about 8.5 miles. It is a great way to spend some time off the pavement without having to venture down Gemini Bridges Road or the more treacherous Goldbar Rim and Portal Trails.

A more detailed map of the trails is available for download here. This page also offers some more useful information such as trail maps, directions and a brief history of the park. The trail itself is well-marked and has been maintained to a high standard. The most important piece of advice is to remember to bring a helmet and water.


Fruit Loops Mountain Bike Park is located near the homes of Fruit Heights and sits on foothill slopes above Shepherd Peak. The trails consist of an outer loop that is easier to ride for beginners and three downhill flow trails within the inner loop. The trails are well-engineered and very fun to ride.

The city of Fruit Heights is a Healthy Utah Community which means that the city takes initiatives to promote healthy living, including making changes to parks and playgrounds. For example, the City is receiving money from the CARES Act that helps with sanitation at the parks, playgrounds and public restrooms, as well as adding new benches and picnic tables for social distancing along trails.

The city also focuses on developing the Castle Heights Playground which is a beloved park by residents and families from throughout the region. The park includes bright red castle tops, bark and swings. The playground is funded by a variety of residents who donate time, money and labor to create the park. Click for more.


Fruit Loops Mountain Bike Park is a great place for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders to test their skills. It is located on the foothills between Fruit Heights and Shepherd Peak, a short drive from Ogden. The trails are well-engineered and fun to ride. They are also a good opportunity to catch a glimpse of wildflowers and beautiful views in the spring.

This is a one-way directional trail system that offers a variety of trail options for different skill levels. It includes a beginner trail and two intermediate trails. The trail also has a few technical features including a large rock roll-over. This may look daunting, but it’s not as scary as it sounds if you stay on your bike and use your brakes. There are several other cool features as well. These include: a new playground, covered picnic tables, a walking trail by the trees and restrooms. These amenities are sure to please everyone in the family. Browse next article!

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