Francis Peak Fruit Loops Mountain Bike Park Utah United States

This trail system is a great choice for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. It’s a one-way directional trail system with multiple loops available for all experience levels.

Francis Peak Fruit Loops Mountain Bike Park is located near Fruit Heights Utah United States. This mountain bike trail is a fun and casual ride. Learn more!


Francis Peak Fruit Loops Mountain Bike Park Utah United States is a great spot for a fun, family friendly bike ride. With over 40 miles of single-track to explore, you’re sure to find something for everyone here.

The most popular trail here is Broken Dam, a smooth, flowing cross-country trail that’s a good option for newbies. However, if you’re looking for something with more technical features, check out Goldman or Serpentine.

Another great choice is Porcupine Trail, which is a fun, twisty cross-country loop that’s a perfect beginner loop. Then there’s Endor, a flowy, rolling single-track that’s great for beginners and kids. Finally, don’t miss out on the fun techy rock gardens on Wagon Wheel and B-17! If you’re up for a challenge, don’t forget to check out the big rock roll-over at mile 0.35. It’s a true test of your mettle! Thanks to the local mountain biking community, more trails are being added for all levels.


Francis Peak Fruit Loops Mountain Bike Park Utah United States is a great trail system for all experience levels. It has a few more advanced features that require knowledge of bike handling and skill level to navigate.

The first trail starts off Farmington Canyon Road and climbs a long 8% grade gravel road. This route is a grunt of a ride and takes you past Sunset camping area before you head for Francis Peak.

This intermediate-level trail is 0.3 miles long and has a few rollers. It forks 0.2 miles from the Green Loop at 1080 East access trail.

A big rock rolls over at mile 0.35. It’s not a hard drop but it can be a bit hairy for new riders. There is also another line that clings to the side of a rock at mile 0.5 that isn’t too difficult for an experienced rider but will leave you scratching your head. For this reason, we don’t recommend it to beginners.


Francis Peak is a peak on the Wasatch Mountain Range that can be seen from Salt Lake City. It was named for Esther Charlotte Francis, an early pioneer in the Morgan Valley (on the east side of the mountain).

There are a couple of different ways to climb this mountain. One is to drive up a dirt road in Farmington Canyon and then hike.3 miles up past a gate to the summit.

The second way to climb is a little more difficult and involves biking up a steep gravel road. It takes a lot of work, but the view is well worth it.

Francis Peak is located above the cities of Layton, Centerville, and Bountiful. It is a ridgeline that connects to Thurston Peak. It has three small lakes that are over 9,000 feet in elevation, but it is not a popular hike. It is a good option for beginners and experienced riders alike. Get more info.


The most popular way to climb the mountain is on a bike. There are over 40 miles of single-track ranging from rocky and Rooty technical tracks to fast and smooth flow trails. Some of the more impressive features include a large rock roll-over on the Green Loop and a ginormous clock tower.

There are many more exciting ways to reach the top of Francis Peak. Some of the more adventurous hikers opt for a more traditional approach. The most direct route starts with a 10.8 mile slog on a windy dirt road. At 3.4 miles, you’ll pass the Sunset camping area and a fork in the road. The Left Fork (with a gate) goes to Bountiful Peak and the right fork goes to the FAA radome on Francis Peak.

The best way to get the most out of your visit is to use a local guide. This will ensure that you see all of the best trails, avoiding a trip down the wrong trail or having to make the trek back uphill. Browse next article!

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