Ellison Park

Ellison Park is a great place to bring the kids and enjoy a day out. With a large playground, sports courts, and splash pad, it has something for everyone.

Layton is the most populous city in Davis County, with easy access to Hill Air Force Base, a large hospitality district, the Layton Hills Mall, nationally recognized retail and food chains, and FrontRunner commuter rail. Read this first!

Adams Canyon Trail

The city of Layton is home to many parks that offer a variety of activities for families and children. Some of these include playgrounds, picnic areas, and hiking trails. The city also offers a variety of sports fields for both youth and adult players.

The Adams Canyon Trail is a popular hike that offers great views of a waterfall. The 5.2-mile path is dog-friendly and is perfect for all ages.

You can begin the hike from the parking lot near Highway 89. The first portion of the trail is steep and sandy with a few switchbacks. After a few miles, you will come to a primitive bridge. Cross the creek (you may get wet) and follow the trail up to the upper Adams Canyon waterfall.

There are a half dozen good primitive campsites along the river trail. The first one is located in the mouth of the canyon and 4 more sites are located along the creek.


If you’re looking for a fun, family-friendly park in Layton UT, look no further than Ellison Park. The park offers a variety of amenities for visitors to enjoy, including a playground and sports courts. It also has a number of picnic areas and benches for relaxing.

Kids will love playing in the park’s large playground, which features a variety of slides and climbing structures. It also includes traditional rides like a merry-go-round and a sea saw. Parents can relax on the bench and watch their children play, or take a walk around the area to enjoy the scenery.

For nature lovers, the park’s hiking trails are a great way to explore the outdoors. The Coyote Den Trail, which offers a 1.1-mile walk, is full of wildlife and offers scenic views of Thomas Cove and the stone quarry. Other trails include Overlook Trail, which overlooks Mill Race Pond, and Indian Landing Trail, which explores the old portage route. Explore more!

Sports Courts

The city of Layton has many parks that offer a variety of fun activities for families. From parks with impressive museums to those with large fields and sports courts, you’ll find plenty of places to visit with your family in Layton.

For instance, Woodward Park is a beautiful recreational area that has a large lake, walking trails, and a playground. It’s also home to a number of birds and wildlife. The park also has a clean and well-maintained restroom and a large picnic pavilion that can seat up to 150 people.

Another fun place to visit is Ellison Park, which has lots of sports courts and a playground. The park also features a splash pad that’s operated with water from the local pool, which is filtered and treated before being used to run the play system. The park is open year-round and is a great place for families of all ages to have fun. It’s located just a few minutes away from the popular Crumbl Cookie, so you can get a treat after a day of playing at the park.

Hiking Trails

If you are looking for a place to go hiking with the family, Layton City Park has some amazing trails. It is also home to a variety of wildlife and has a beautiful lake. You can also find walking paths, picnic areas, and sports fields at the park.

The Heritage Museum of Layton is another interesting attraction in the area. It is a fascinating collection of artifacts from the region’s history and offers educational programs for kids and adults.

The park is also within a ten-minute drive of the Layton Hills Mall and is close to a number of restaurants, including the popular Crumbl Cookie. It also features a large picnic pavilion that can accommodate 150 people. It has clean and well-maintained restrooms, which makes it convenient for families. Check our next area of interest here.


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